About Us

Cheryl Duvall
Cheryl DuvallI was raised in a family of medical professionals of both Western and Eastern philosophies, so going into health care was a natural decision for me. I became a registered nurse in 1977, working for over 10 years in doctors offices and hospitals in the Los Angeles area. I took many counseling courses and completed all Alcohol and Drug Counseling courses prior to certification being available. I also worked directly with a psychiatrist in private practice. While still in nursing, I began taking courses and attending lectures in complimentary and alternative medicine including, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbalism. I studied various massage techniques, including shiatsu, reflexology/acupressure, trigger point, Touch For Health, Healing Touch and I became a Reiki master. I obtained my massage therapy license in 1991. From personal experiences beginning in the late 1970’s, I began aquiring knowledge about nutrition and how significant diet can be in the role of health and disease. However, it has only been in the past few years that plant-based nutrition has become my passion. My studies in nutrition include the Plant Based Nutrition Certification through T. Colin Campbell’s program at Cornell University and I have graduated from a nutrition therapy program here in Portland. I am a licensed CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Facilitator and I am a certified to teach Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution Courses. I will be adding various nutrition programs to my repertoire soon.

Chanda Bailey
Chanda-BaileyI have been a registered nurse since 2001 and recieved my massage therapy license in 1991. I worked briefly as a veterinary technician. Prior to officially entering the health care field, I spent much of my earlier years working in health food stores where I have managed stores, and advised store owners on product ordering and placement. I was also a very skilled consumer in the complimentary and alternative medicine arenas, including being under the care of naturopathic physicians, receiving acupuncture, homeopathy and chinese herbalism. My perspective on health included what I considered at the time to be healthy eating, but I also carried the Western medical philosophy of treating symptoms with “this-for-that”. In otherwords, I felt that nutritional supplements were the key to health, and that you could take a specific supplement for a specific ailment or symptom. However, in continuing to learn and study about nutrition, I finally realized that all of those bottles of supplements could never compliment your body the way obtaining those same nutrients from food can. I have heard it said that all of those nutrients are like a “symphony” in your body and simply cannot act alone. Venturing into the lifestyle of plant-based nutrition, I have finally found what I consider to be my home. I have completed the Plant Based Nutrition Certification from T. Colin Campbell at Cornell University, I have graduated from a nutrition therapy program here in Portland, and I am a CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Facilitator. I look forward to expanding my knowledge with several more programs in the near future.